About me…

I’m an Attorney who loves good food, sun (must be the Venda blood in me), Swiss chocolate, good company and a tall smooth glass of red – In that order 🙂 My obsession with good food has eventually led me out of the court room and permanently in the kitchen!
Apart from this blog which was launched in October 2016, Kundi’s Kitchen has evolved to offer Food Services in the form of Private Chef Services, bespoke Corporate and Private Catering, etc. In addition, Kundi’s Kitchen has contributed to an International Cookbook which will hit shelves around September 2018. We have partnered on campaigns with several well-known brands, and been featured on print, television as well as radio. Welcome to my kitchen!

About the baby food part of the blog  – #KundisKitchenForRori
When I started Rorisang on solids at about 5 months old, I knew from the beginning that I did not want to feed her the pre-packaged stuff that sits on the shelf for months on end. Yet I had no idea where to start in making BABY FOOD!! What is the best way of cooking it, how to package and freeze, for how long, can I add salt / sugar / spices?? It was so overwhelming! After a loooooot of reading, trial and error, and chatting to other moms, I now feel more informed and confident about what I’m feeding my little girl and how I’m making it. I am no expert, but I have learned a lot along the way.
Hopefully some of the tips, techniques and food combinations will inspire some of you to try out this “homemade baby food thing”. It’s so fulfilling to know EXACTLY what is going into your little one’s tummy and that it’s the best that s/he could possibly have!
Ps. The blender is your best friend 🙂